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Niva Shipping Ltd was established in 1978 by V.Vintiadis and N.Kordakis who were both Masters of the Greek Merchant Marine and then executives of shipbroking and shipowning companies in Piraeus.

Since 1990 "NIVA" has been under the sole ownership of itís Chairman and CEO Mr. Vassilis Vintiadis.

The primary thrust of the company was and continues to be Chartering, Sale and Purchase, Contracting, Managing, Consultancy and Financing.

Over the past 35 years the company has expanded in a wide range of fields in the shipping industry. 

Shortly after the company was founded, began to acquire and successfully manage itís own and client vessels of various types.

The team of experienced and highly educated professionals of NIVA maintains close contact with large numbers of shipowners, charterers and shipbrokers around the world and provide their clients with accurate and up-to date information which enables them to make critical market decisions.

Since our establishment, we have acted on behalf of a lot of shipping companies worlwide and our vast experience combined with deep market knowledge, research and negotiating skills have made NIVA  a well-reputed name both in the Greek and International markets. 

Niva maintains it's Head Office in Athens, Greece. The company has expanded it's activities abroad with an office in Mumbai, India as well as Dubai, UAE.

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